• Broadwater Parklands, Southport


  • PRICE: Free entry


    10am to 4pm

Gold Coast Multicultural Festival

This year will be the eleventh year of the annual Gold Coast Multicultural Festival – an event that the whole family can enjoy.

The Festival provides an unprecedented display of culture including international music, dance, drumming, instrumentals, art and craft, food and cultural Information – with up to 65 stalls! There will also be International performers on three festival stages, children’s rides and activities.

Performers at the festival originate from diverse cultural communities such as Africa, Armenia, Australian Aboriginal, Bosnia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Hawaii, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Middle Eastern countries including Saudi Arabia, Maori (New Zealand), Pacific Islander, Philippines, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Tahiti and Turkey.

The event also serves to promote greater awareness and participation in cultural activities, support celebrations of place and promotes a greater sense of community and belonging and promote understanding and respect between different cultural groups.