The Dream Guards Show

Start: Mar, 18, 2018

End: Mar, 18, 2018

The Anti-Bullying Dream Guards Showcase.


Hot City, Cold Beer Party

Start: Mar, 18, 2018

End: Mar, 18, 2018

Live music, market style food, art installations, Quicky Pro highlights streamed live, local fashion and jewellery market stalls and of course, ice cold BALTER beers on flow.


Yamagen Whisky Dinner presented by Suntory

Start: Mar, 19, 2018

End: Mar, 19, 2018

A six course degustation paired with some of the world's finest whisky.


Quiksilver and Roxy Pro

Start: Mar, 11, 2018

End: Mar, 22, 2018

One of the world's greatest surfing events is back on the Gold Coast in 2018.


The Listening Parties at Dust Temple

Start: Mar, 23, 2018

End: Mar, 23, 2018

Dust Temple Theatre presents 'The Listening Parties'.


Concert for the Planet

Start: Mar, 24, 2018

End: Mar, 24, 2018

An evening of discovery and symphonic experience, transforming the parkland into a live music soundscape.


The Bazaar Brunch at QT Gold Coast

Start: Mar, 4, 2018

End: Mar, 25, 2018

Every Sunday throughout March.


Puppetry of the Penis

Start: Mar, 30, 2018

End: Mar, 30, 2018

DIRECT FROM LAS VEGAS, the Masters of Penis Origami return to shock and awe audiences by folding, twisting, bulging and scooping their junk into creations such as: “The Pelican,” “The Windsurfer,” “The Eiffel Tower,” “The Loch Ness Monster” and their signature creation, “The Hamburger.” – all projected onto a huge screen for your close-up enjoyment!


March Live Music at Dust Temple

Start: Mar, 1, 2018

End: Mar, 31, 2018

It's all free!


Art for the Ocean

Start: Mar, 10, 2018

End: Apr, 1, 2018

The Collective's first live surfboard art installation.


NightQuarter Festival

Start: Apr, 5, 2018

End: Apr, 14, 2018

NightQuarter will come alive during the Games with 10 days of food and music.


Fans Corner at Southport Sharks

Start: Apr, 4, 2018

End: Apr, 15, 2018

A Commonwealth Games pop up event with food trucks and a big screen.


Gold Coast Film Festival

Start: Apr, 17, 2018

End: Apr, 29, 2018

The Gold Coast will host film enthusiasts, filmmakers and families from across Australia to celebrate the burgeoning Queensland film industry at the renowned Gold Coast Film Festival.


Across Country – Indigenous Work From The Collection

Start: Mar, 3, 2018

End: Apr, 29, 2018

As international and Australian visitors descend on the Gold Coast for the 2018 Commonwealth Games, Gold Coast City Gallery is proud to share art and objects that celebrate the world’s oldest continuing culture.

Gold Coast City Gallery has one of the largest collections of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art in regional Australia that has been developed through numerous donations and by actively acquiring works by Australia’s leading Indigenous artists.


Musical Fairytales

Start: May, 4, 2018

End: May, 4, 2018

You only have to look at current hit TV shows Once Upon A Time and Grimm to see that fairytales will always be popular. The Romantic composers knew this years ago so made sure many of their large-scale classics had a liberal sprinkling of sprites, wraiths and princesses.


Surfers Paradise LIVE

Start: May, 3, 2018

End: May, 6, 2018

Jimmy Barnes will headline Surfers Paradise LIVE.


Quiet Faith

Start: May, 9, 2018

End: May, 10, 2018

From award-winning documentary theatre maker David Williams comes a surprising journey into the world of the quietly, progressively faithful.

The place of Christian faith in Australian politics is often linked to conservatism and intolerance. Many members of the Federal Government profess deep Christian beliefs and groups such as the Australian Christian Lobby loudly intervene in public policy debates.


Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow

Start: May, 13, 2018

End: May, 13, 2018

Australia’s largest comedy festival is packing up and ready to roll! Join the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow as it journeys around Australia, home-delivering hot and tasty comic treats to audiences near and far.

Featuring fantastic funnymakers from Australia and beyond, the Roadshow has it all. It’s stand-up, sketch, satire, silliness and song – all in one side-splitting show!


Blues on Broadbeach

Start: May, 17, 2018

End: May, 20, 2018

Four days of free music right in the heart of Broadbeach.


The Tempest

Start: May, 23, 2018

End: May, 26, 2018

O brave new world,

That has such people in’t!

Mercury’s Wings brings you the magical tale of Shakespeare’s last play, The Tempest. The powerful magician Prospero has been exiled to a seemingly uninhabited island. Desirous for revenge, he uses his powers to manipulate the elements and bring his usurping brother onto the island to exact his punishment. Out of the raging storm and powerful island spirits, Mercury’s Wings will explore themes of reconciliation, forgiveness, love and loss. A small ensemble of highly trained actors will bring a slick and streamlined Tempest to the Gold Coast stage for the first time.


Mexicana at Cabana

Start: Mar, 1, 2018

End: May, 28, 2018

Holy guacamole! Mexicana at Cabana returns this March to May.


Gold Coast Food and Wine Festival

Start: May, 31, 2018

End: Jun, 3, 2018

The Gold Coast Food and Wine Festival will shine a spotlight on the Gold Coast’s evolving food and wine industries.


STOMP at The Star Gold Coast

Start: May, 31, 2018

End: Jun, 3, 2018

STOMP is a global phenomenon of rhythm, theatre, comedy and dance.



Start: Jun, 7, 2018

End: Jun, 7, 2018

Belladiva is Australia’s premiere pop opera quartet. The siren song of these glamorous sopranos charms and captivates with its sublime and unique sound. Belladiva’s virtuosic vocal feats and striking musical arrangements span from operatic favourites, pop-opera hits through to contemporary classics.


We Are Gold Coast – Works From The City Collection

Start: May, 12, 2018

End: Jul, 15, 2018

We are not the place you used to know, or think we might be. We are Gold Coast.

The recent history of the Gold Coast as a travel destination is often misjudged and scorned by outdated perceptions of simply surf, schoolies and theme parks. Rather “The Goldie” is driven by youthful and infectious energy; incredible natural wonders and a talented artistic community that has matured over several decades.


Around The World In 80 Days

Start: Jul, 20, 2018

End: Jul, 21, 2018

The Arts Centre Gold Coast and Hit Productions Present “Around The World in 80 Days”

“It’s such a healthy dose of Monty Python nonsense that keeps the adults tickled while the slapstick is laid on thick for the children and… it’s a merrily entertaining trip for all on board.” Metro, UK


AB [Intra]

Start: Jul, 25, 2018

End: Jul, 26, 2018

Explore the depth of human impulse with the world premiere of Rafael Bonachela’s ab [intra], meaning ‘from within’ in Latin.

Sydney Dance Company’s 2018 season opens with an electrifying journey into the extremes of human nature. Discover what drives our relationships and ignites our ambitions in this visceral new piece showcasing Australia’s best contemporary dancers.


Ruddigore Or The Witch’s Curse

Start: Aug, 3, 2018

End: Aug, 4, 2018

The Arts Centre Gold Coast and Opera Queensland Present “Ruddigore or the Witch’s Curse”

Lindy Hume’s critically acclaimed production of Gilbert & Sullivan’s Ruddigore or The Witch’s Curse, is coming to the Arts Centre in August 2018, giving Gold Coast audiences the opportunity to jump into the weird and wonderful world of Victoriana. This irreverent romp through marriage, madness and mayhem had Brisbane audiences and reviewers laughing out loud and its colourful bunch of comic characters is sure to resonate with audiences across the state.


Josephine Wants To Dance

Start: Sep, 3, 2018

End: Sep, 4, 2018

The Arts Centre Gold Coast and Monkey Baa Theatre Company Presents

Josephine Wants To Dance

Based On The Book By Jackie French And Bruce Whatley


52 Strings

Start: Sep, 8, 2018

End: Sep, 8, 2018

52 Strings pairs two astonishing works that bring together The Arts Centre’s 2018 Ensemble-in-Residence, Camerata – Queensland’s Chamber Orchestra, with talented string students and educators from the Gold Coast to create a mass ensemble of 52 strings.


A World View: The Tim Fairfax Gift

Start: Jul, 21, 2018

End: Sep, 9, 2018

Since 2002, Time Fairfax AC has supported the acquisition of some of the most remarkable works to have entered the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern (QAGOMA) Collection. Reflecting his generosity, this touring exhibition presents works by both renowned and emerging artists.


Hotel Sorrento

Start: Sep, 14, 2018

End: Sep, 15, 2018

The Arts Centre Gold Coast And Hit Productions Present

Hotel Sorrento

By Hannie Rayson | Hit Productions

Set in the Victorian seaside town of Sorrento, the play revolves around three sisters, reunited after 10 years apart and again feeling the constraints of family life. A semi-autobiographical book written by middle sister and expat Meg triggers the familial tensions and dramas that eventuate. The play is about family in a literal and metaphorical sense and the importance of blood ties and collective memory, true or false.


Energies 2018

Start: Sep, 14, 2018

End: Oct, 14, 2018

A snapshot of the current social, emotional and global views held by young people on the Gold Coast.

The ENERGIES 2018 exhibition showcases works of art by more than 80 talented senior secondary school students from across the Gold Coast. Existing in some form for over 30 years, ENERGIES compiles a dynamic range of works across varying forms of artistic media: from traditional paintings, to video installations, to textile creations.


Roald Dahl’s George’s Marvellous Medicine

Start: Oct, 23, 2018

End: Oct, 23, 2018

The Arts Centre Gold Coast and Shake & Stir Theatre Co. Presents

Roald Dahl’s George’s Marvellous Medicine

Adapted For The Stage By Shake & Stir Theatre Co


Josephine Ulrick And Win Schubert

Start: Oct, 20, 2018

End: Nov, 25, 2018

Since 2002 Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Photography Award (JUWSPA) has been one of the most important surveys of contemporary Australian photographic practice.

The exhibition showcases a variety of established artists alongside emerging talent. The result is a strong diversity of contemporary photographic practice, themes, and approaches.